Great response.

I used to feel guilty when masturbating due to religion, but then I compared it with other outlets of sexual desire and it was the most benign of all.

I masturbated a lot as a teenager, then masturbated much less when I was in college, and then I got married and now I masturbate a lot again.. LOL


You can still have a climax

even though you are not having an erection. Different nerves enable a climax. One thing you could try is to continue to masturbate despite your penis not being hard. Also, do you ride a bicycle very much? There is some evidence that bike riding can cause decreased blood flow in the genital area as well as influence the nerve bundles that deal with erections. I doubt that your masturbation had anything to do with your loss of erections.

Why did you “completely stop” masturbating?

Unless you busted your bone, i.e. used some bizarre, unusual, dangerous, traumatic method of masturbating, you can’t really do any harm (in fact, it’s probably good for you, as well as a universal practice among human males, especially single guys). If you’ve “completely stopped,” I’m guessing you have some guilt issues (probably not warranted), that are spilling over from your unconscious mind and inhibiting healthy sexual functioning. Especially since things seem to work when you are asleep.

First step is to see your family doc, or some family doc or internist who is comfortable discussing sexual function with you (a lot of them are NOT) and get a general physical exam. Then see a recommended, legitimate sex counsellor to get tadalafil 20mg best prices + you past this little bump in the road of your life. Guilt is not a good emotion when it’s unwarranted, but everyone in our society has to deal with it from time to time. If it’s valid, guilt is relieved by rectifying the situation or wrong behavior. Jerking off (except possibly in public, or in front of kids) is not dysfunctional behavior. It’s the way most of us trained ourselves to use our equipment properly in an intimate relationship with a partner.


I used to masturbate alot 4-5 times a week over a 4 year period. ive completely stopped now its been 2 months the problem is i cant get an errection, the errection comes when im sleeping or at odd moments .
when i do get one it lasts not very long , will i get some blood flowing naturally or do i take something? i am 22 years old and live in england

Seems like there was some discussion

buy tadalafil onlinewhile back about how to increase levels of Nitric Oxide in the body. I understand that the new ED drugs that are so popular such as buy tadalafil (generic cialis) by enhancing our own NO in the body.
It seems reasonable that if we had more NO for the drugs to work with it would only be better. I’m a bit skeptical if anything real can be done to increase it but I would like to try. I would appreciate input from members who actually have used supplements that have worked and have felt a real improvement. In searching the internet it’s frustrating that there are so many snake oil salesmen trying to sell some useless thing to make a buck.

I’ve purchased the liquid version

of Tadalafil Citrate from ChemOne Research and would like to know something about the dosage /concentration of tadalafil in their product.

I have used the powdered version of Tadalafil Citrate with great results. As a powdered product, we used the suggestions from some of the ASI group members and at Thunders Place for mixing it with 191 proof alcohol and take 1/2 tsp.
as the equivalent of a 20mg C tab. Since the ChemOne product is already in liquid form, I’m unsure of how much to use.

I asked ChemOne for information on the concentration of tadalafil in their product, and got a response that their products were for research purposes only, and they would not give any advice on its use for research, and of course, they advised it is not for human consumption. In other words, I’m on my own.

In most men there comes a time

when the pills will no longer do the job.

I was told the pills enhance the performance of the nerves essential for an erection. As we age, these nerves gradually loose performance making it more difficult even though we do everything we can think of to make things better.

Eventually most of us loose the battle. Those with diabetes loose their performance more quickly as the nerves are damaged due to the diabetes. All is not lost as injection therapy saves the day.

I recommended it to a diabetic friend several years ago and he has never stopped thanking me. Try a sample injection and if you don’t like, it you don’t have to continue. Call and ask about injection therapy before making the appointment. Ask the doctor about the pros and cons of injection therapy.

100 mg doesn’t work

If 100 mg doesn’t work (anymore) try to ask your doctor first. He can search for the possible cause then, for example diabetis or HBP.

Mixing V and L is (according to my doctor) not a good idea. Wait 24 hours before taking the other one, he says. Also more than 100 mg per day (L= 20mg) is not recomended.

Regards, Joe.

The reasons for getting married are

many and some of the best are having a sex goddess that will be in charge of every erection for the rest of your life. This means no more masturbation as you are taking your sex away from her and her needs for sex must be primary in your mind. As you have become more and more jaded with extreme fantasies you must withdraw from these and worship and daydream about your wifes feel, her voice and touch, curves and shapes.

If you have erection problems after that, go to a doctor for pills or whatever you need to provide for your wife, not for what you need.

The natural treatment is

quite natural and effective. Stop your masturbation (if you can) and that is all you have to do. Talk with your beloved when the time comes and be honest and faithful.
This will take care of your problem of masturbation.

Should you have a second problem (other than masturbation) you may then have to go to a doctor.

You have adviced me to go to doctor

but i dont want to concern docters thats why i have concern with u poeple so because in our society we not so free to discuss these types of issues with each other our society is consevarive so u should give me treatment to your best possible awareness i request all of groups members any one who know do haelp me and tell me if i stop doing this act(masturbation) can i be ok in 1 to 2 years is this time will be enough to my penis to recover reply m waiting for ur reply

Some imams, recently, have been saying that

masturbation is harmful. There were Christian and Jewish “religious leaders” saying the same thing, until about 40 years ago. Probably, some are “still” saying it.

I believe they want every man to feel guilty, because of what we all do.

_All_ Western medical doctors now agree that there is _no_ harm in masturbating. You will not “shorten the life of your penis” by using it!

I agree with everything that the previous post says — talk about the problem with a doctor, and talk about it with your wife.

Good for you for speaking out.

My guess is that your problem is probably caused by anxiety, lack of confidence, and perhaps some guilt. I am not a great believer in “psychological” causes of impotence, but at 23 years old and in good health (yes?), I think it is the most likely cause in your case.

The good news is that you will get over it.

Using your hand for masturbation is unlikely to cause any lasting problem. Young males do it all the time all over the world without any lasting effect. It is normal and healthy. Don’t worry about that.

Nevertheless, do it less frequently. There is a recovery time during which you are less able to be aroused.

Also, see a local doctor for a health check up. An underlying medical condition like high bllod pressure is a possibility. If your doctor is a good one and you can build up your courage, tell him about your problem. That might be a clue that could point him to a physical problem if there is one.

Eating habits are not likely to have any effect. But if you are smoking, you should stop.

And when you get married, tell your new wife that you are nervous and do not feel confident. (She is probably nervous too.) Hopefully she will be very sympathetic, loving, and supportive. If so, that will help your confidence. If not, you may have the wrong wife and a life of misery as long as you are married.

Best wishes and let us know how you do.

Sexual treatment

hello to all i m usman from pakistan i m 23 years old n have ruined my sexual life by continues hand practising n about 1 to 2 years m going to be married n i dont thing that i can satisfy my wife sexually because my penis does not show such rigidness and activeness and hardness as it should be n m not happy with all of these acts plz plz any body could help me to tell the teatment of this how i could impove my self sexually so i could become strong enough plz tell me natural treatment like what should i eat(food…etc)and any exercise to improve my body musceles too while teling the treatment keep in mind i m pakistani n i could not go abroad fo medicalteatment just tell me the natural treatment i will wait desparatly for ur advise thanks

Tadalafil best price?

Question for you tadalafil users: how are you getting your prescriptions filled? My pharmacy, Longs, (a large chain) tells me that Caverject has been on backorder for months and they have no guarantee of when it will be available…

What the heck is a guy supposed to do? It’s not like I’m out in the sticks someplace, I’m in Silicon Valley for crying out loud. What do ypu think about (404 error!) online tadalafil from $1.30 per pill?

Any sources or pharmacies that you know stock it would be appreciated. I have a legit prescription, I just need a pharmacy that has it in stock.

How right you are!

My wife had a histerectomy in 1982. The doctor put on female HRT. A few year ago she was having trouble and her GY-OBN would not put her on T or even test her for it.
She was talking to our primary care doctor (PCP) one day and told her of her low libedo, and other problem. He did a blood test and sure enough her hormones were out of balance, and she had very low Vitiman B “almost 0″ He put her on Vitiman B shots with a small amount of T evey three weeks and now sometimes I almost have to run. (Not a bad problem).
All ladies should have there hormones checked just like us guys, but most doctors are not up on the subject.
Wish your daughter could find a doctor to test and treat her. It wouold make a lot of differance. Did for us.

And you know what else?

Where are the “ED wives?” How come wives don’t make a stink about this? I see husbands marching against breast cancer… Is this a one way street? Or would most wives rather us be impotent so they don’t have to “provide” us with sex?

I know my wife isn’t one of them. That’s why I am fighting for more than 4 pills per month :-)

You are absolutely right

We do need to stand up and fight. It’s just a shame that other men without a problem will not join us, rather they will ridcule us for being “lesser men.”

Women parade around about breast cancer and wear pink ribbons and get all the attention on TV news. While I’m not discounting breast cancer as a terrible thing, prostate cancer kills more men per yaer than breast cancer does women. Do you see men parading around demanding politicians do something about prostate cancer? Of course not, because men don’t talk about “those topics” in public.

It would also help men stand up if some of the so-called “men’s liberation” groups took a stand on this. Then maybe men wouldn’t feel so alone on this. But they are more concerned about not getting screwed in divorces and custody battles (both also valid concerns).

The ACLU has no interest in this, my labor union doesn’t even reply to my letters asking them to fight for this in contract negotiations. I feel like I keep hitting a brick wall.

I have had chronic organic ED for about four years

and have been treated by an internist, urologist, and family physician, all of whom prescribed oral ED medications (the three notable ones), each with varying results and side effects.

healthhelpIt has been particularly distressing to have ED, especially at a relatively young age. My situation is further complicated by an unrelated urological condition known as avoidant paruresis (shy bladder syndrome). Since after college, I have not been able to pee in public restroom urinals with other people present. This is the result of having been hit on several times in public restrooms by gay men (not that I have anything against gay men; I just dont want any overtures from them), by difficulty getting urine to flow, and otherwise by modesty (I dont even blow my nose in public). Fortunately, I have a private bathroom at the office, but when I travel, you can only imagine how challenging paruresis is to manage.

These particular problems of mine are unusual; they result in deep feelings of discouragement, inadequacy, and anxiety. I cant produce or maintain a hard on sufficient for sex with my wifeand so we have had virtually no sex in the past two years, despite our mutual interest. The pills (tadalafil 20mg, sildenafil citrate, etc.) at varying dosages, rarely produce consistent, desirable effects. I often think that my wife deserves something bettersomeone who can satisfy her need for sexual intimacy. And of course I feel a great sense of deprivation. Other men my age are having great sex with their wives; why cant I like I used to

With these distressing urological problems, I am often tempted with selfish questions: Why me Why did God allow this to happen to me

But I have come to consider over the past couple months a contrasting thought: Why not me There is really nothing about who I am as a person that should exempt me from any problem common or uncommon to man. The reality is everyone in this world has problems, some greater than others, others more or less common.

Its just that these particular urological issues strike at the core of a mans identity and sense of virility. So that it what I am dealing with lately. I look forward to discovering the insights offered in this forum.

Best regards.

I have always had private insurance

as I have a small business and have to provide my own health benefits. I have a long history of ED treatment, starting in 1979.

Years ago, all procedures were covered for the treatment of Erectile Dysfunction.
When the popularity of the ED drugs hit, the insurance companies in Indiana revised their policies in 2005 to limit their losses. They have added the exclusion of erectile dysfunction within their policies.
All Individual policies (except one with very limited coverage) now written in Indiana exclude erectile dysfunction treatment. This includes the state mandated insurance pool that is for high risk patients who can not get insurance from any other carrier. I have had several discussions with our state insurance board and they agree it is not fair, but nothing is being done to rectify this issue. We also have a women’s treatment act in our state. The insurance providers are required to treat and pay for breast implants and related services.
So, whether you require drugs, or as in my case a penile implant revision surgery – you are not covered, and cannot be covered under an individual plan in Indiana. Even if, as in my case, it is medically necessary.
So, when the time comes for me to have a revision procedure – I will need to spend 30,000 -40,000 minimum out of pocket. My last surgury cost 41,500 in 2002 – wich was covered, but not any more.
So, I am really mad too. I am still talking to anyone who will listen, and will continue to do so.

Now here is the part most of you will not like. The problem is that  most men are embarrassed, and they have a hard time even discussing this problem with their doctor.
I am pretty disappointed in the support of other men with ED who will not own up to the fact that we brothers all have a condition that requires treatment. A lot of men need to remember – you are a man first, and a d**k second.
If you want to hide in the shadows and feel sorry for yourselves, so be it. This is why we are getting `screwed’.
Sorry about the post, but man – I have lived with ED since I was 25, with a penile implant since I was 27. I’m 54 – and really don’t give a flip-flop about who knows of my condition. I can walk – run, have both arms and legs. I have a beautiful wife I don’t deserve. I have it made – and I have ED. If you want better coverage, you gotta ask  for it.

I’m with you on this one Chief – if you didn’t know. Sorry about this harsh post?but I am on your side. Just need more voices on this one to change the system.

I have built a site for folks

looking for the best priced ED meds  and best quality. As, I too haven’t $$ to burn, especially on ED meds. I’ve found the places that have best priced also the best customer service etc. Look here a choose. I’ve listed the top 3-4 and other with the prices.
I’ve have ordered from and recieved good service from basically these 3 places.

I am 45 yrs old, diabetic, disabled

and was taking 100mg of viagra then changed to 20mg of levitra.I have Medicaid and Medicare.Medicaid would only pay for 6 pills a month.My pharmacist called and put up a good argument concerning this without any luck.THEN when Medicare starting paying for prescriptions they won’t pay for ED meds.They will pay for the doctor visits and for implants but not the pills.As I said earlier,I am disabled and receiving the minimum amount allowed monthly,divorced and raising my 2 kids alone with a dead beat ex wife.Money is tight so I can not afford to pay for the meds myself.Since Medicare starting paying for prescriptions I have no sex life anyumore,not that I had very much of one before.The way that I deal with it is I would rather have my 2 kids living with me than out having sex with all of the beautiful ladies.

How often these injections can be taken?

Cavarjet, trimix, papa-varin, these are the injection for erectile dysfunction..I would like to know how often these injections can be taken, i.e. alternate day, once a week, twice a week, once in a fortnight, or once in a month……at the same time, please let me know the side effect immediate or in long run…..and whether it is advisable to take injection frequently.